Apple Professional Learning

Apple Professional Learning bridges the gap between technology and curriculum and helps to unlock the potential of every learner.

Our Apple Professional Learning offerings build foundational skills with Apple products and integrate them into learning, so educators can create innovative instruction that engages students more deeply.

When Apple technology is deeply integrated into learning, students find new ways to work together to communicate, create and develop personalised paths for understanding and applying their knowledge to the world around them.

Apple Professional Learning meets educators, leaders and IT where they are on their professional learning path. Everyone is supported on their journey, from skill acquisition to instructional innovation. Professional learning experiences are tailored for large groups, small groups, as as well as coaching and mentoring one-on-one. Apple Professional Learning is delivered through in-person, virtual and hybrid approaches and can be offered both synchronously and asynchronously. Apple Professional Learning Specialists and Providers leverage a range of programs and provide job-embedded support to help build capacity and help schools and organizations achieve their vision.


Apple Professional Learning Support Offerings
Foundation Workshops

Build basic knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers in the use of Apple technology and engage them on the path to Apple Teacher recognition.

Integration Workshops

Explore Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code and support teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum. Facilitate the opportunity for teachers to reflect and document their practices and gain Apple Teacher recognition.

Innovation Workshops

Go further with Apple technology with augmented reality, coding and app development and Apple’s professional creativity tools to deepen understanding and enable innovation.

Coaching and Mentoring

Work side by side with educators to enact continual, active and reflective coaching cycles. Facilitate job-embedded support through co-teaching, in-class modeling, curriculum planning and one-to-one or small-group coaching sessions.

Leadership Vision and Planning

Support leadership teams with workshops and coaching experiences to develop a shared vision, set goals, build capacity and develop a school culture to enable technology-inspired change across the their organisation.

Local Support Team

Build capacity in schools through equipping teacher and student champions with the skills and resources to serve as in-house skills consultants in the use of Apple devices and apps for learning and teaching.

Measuring Impact

Support schools to conduct research to gather data and measure the impact of technology on learning and teaching in their context. Determine areas of strength and areas that need further support and development.

Education Deployment Fundamentals

Introduce school leaders, teachers, and IT teams to best-in-class deployment and management of Apple technology to make a positive impact on teaching and learning goals. 

“Great teachers with great tools create places where all can achieve.”

Inspire Academy


Working with the world leaders in our field, we are an Apple Professional Learning Provider, staffed by accredited Apple Professional Learning specialists and a proud partner of some of the most innovative iPad projects in the world.

We are always proud to host inspiring visits, deliver awesome events and help build strategies for your future.

”Working with Inspire is one of the best decisions we have made as a business.”

William McGregor Co-founder and CEO, Spark Education

“I started my journey in 2017 as an Apple Teacher progressed to my Apple Teacher Portfolio in 2021 and today I’m a certified AppleLearning Coach. I’ve loved every single minute of it and eager to make a difference”

Glasgow Design Technology Teacher