Our Offer

We provide training and support for world-class technology projects in education and learning. We are the only Apple accredited team in Scotland.

Vision and Strategy

We help education leaders develop their vision and strategy for learning with technology

Professional Development

We deliver world-class professional development and training

Tech Integration

We enable the effective integration of technology at the heart of learning

Tailored Projects

What are your requirements? What are you hoping to achieve? We can build solutions to help you achieve exactly what you re aiming to do.

“Since completing the Apple Learning Coach, I’m now conscious that I no longer go to somebody, “Oh here I’ll do it for you”. I never do that now. I think, “No, you do it, and I’ll watch, and I’ll help”. I’m very conscious of being in a supporting role now rather than doing it for them.”

Feedback from 1st Pilot Cohort Focus Group, Scottish Borders Council

“Great teachers with great tools create places where all can achieve.”

Inspire Academy

  • We can help you to craft a vision for technology in learning
  • Plan the key stages for getting it off the ground
  • Train your staff to bring it to life
  • We work with individual schools, Multi-Academy Trusts, local authorities and government organisations on projects of all shapes and sizes


Working with the world leaders in our field, we are an Apple Professional Learning Provider, staffed by accredited Apple Professional Learning specialists and a proud partner of some of the most innovative iPad projects in the world.

We are always proud to host inspiring visits, deliver awesome events and help build strategies for your future.

”Working with Inspire is one of the best decisions we have made as a business.”

William McGregor Co-founder and CEO, Spark Education

“I started my journey in 2017 as an Apple Teacher progressed to my Apple Teacher Portfolio in 2021 and today I’m a certified AppleLearning Coach. I’ve loved every single minute of it and eager to make a difference”

Glasgow Design Technology Teacher

Inspire Academy partners

Jamf is a software company and developer of Jamf Pro, an application used to configure and automate IT administration tasks and offer on-premises and cloud-based mobile device management.

Procreate is a powerful and intuitive digital illustration app and packed with features for artists of all ages and stages.

Showbie is an educational app for teachers and students that makes creating and completing assignments, providing assessments, and storing grades easy

Sphero transforms the way kids PK 12 learn with a fun, comprehensive approach to STEAM that s STEM Art and computer science

XMA have been delivering transformational IT solutions and services that truly change the way you work for over 30 years.

Kaligo is an application designed to teach students how to write and spell using a tablet and stylus in the classroom or at home.